Brits spill £43m of beer getting the round in – and Londoners are worst for it

Britain’s boozers are back and it’s great, but as we return to busy bars and pubs around the UK many traditional challenges return.

We’re out of practice at getting attention of busy bar staff and the mad dash for the last available table is more fraught that ever.

And there is one pub pastime that should remain firmly in the pre-lockdown past.

New research suggests that punters running the gauntlet, precariously carrying rounds of drinks back to tables is costing the nation millions of pounds in spilt pints.

Today the UK’s leading hospitality app OrderPay has revealed that Britons collectively spill an average of 11 million pints per round.

Londoners are worst for spilling drinks

So, with the average pint in the UK costing £3.94 – that’s the equivalent of over £43,340,000 each time.

Many Brits – 40 per cent in fact – confessed to regularly spilling the top of pints when delivering pre-pandemic rounds, with the average amount spilt per round just under a quarter of a pint.

Not all regions and age groups where the same with Millennial Londoners much more prone to spilling beer than Yorkshire men over 55.

A perfectly full pint
A perfectly full pint – so it can’t be in London then

In fact spillage incidences were the lowest among cautious over 55s – only 30 per cent said they lost beer to the floor, compared to 55 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds.

Londoners may need to stop rushing and learn to take their time, as spillages were more prevalent in the capital than anywhere else in the UK.

Almost half of people (49%) living in London saying they regularly lost beer en-route from bar to the boozing station.

Spilling your pint is one thing we need to get rid of in this brave new world

OrderPay’s CEO Richard Carter said: “Great British pubs have changed a lot over the past 18 months with punters having no choice but to abide by strict new measures.

“There are things we love about the pub, like talking to bar staff and soaking up the atmosphere but equally, there are things we’d probably like to leave in the past, things like being served after someone who arrived after you or navigating a packed bar with a tray full of drinks.

“Our app has helped make table service possible in thousands of venues and going by the findings of this research, it has played a part in saving a heck of a lot of beer too.”

Any pubs, bars or restaurants wishing to use OrderPay can find out more by visiting OrderPay’s website at Customers can download the app for free from the App or Play Store.


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