Bryce Hall floored after discovering girl who ‘wet willied’ him at college party

Bryce Hall is the self-described “party animal” of the TikTok world — but one college bash resulted in a gross prank against him that left him floored upon discovering the culprit days after the fact.

Bryce Hall’s YouTube channel is full of videos showing off the insane parties he attends on a regular basis. Boasting a brand called ‘Party Animal University,’ it’s safe to say that Hall ascribes to the “work hard, play harder” mindset.

Thus, it came as little surprise that Hall and fellow TikToker Josh Richards decided to attend a few college parties during their tour of North Carolina to hawk their new Ani Energy drink at various Walmart locations.

During one of these packed collegiate celebrations, Josh Richards’ hat was stolen, and Bryce Hall kept getting “wet willied” by an unknown person. (For those unaware, a wet willie is a practical joke where someone sticks their finger in their mouth and, subsequently, into someone else’s ear).

Bryce Hall gets pranked

While it’s generally a lighthearted prank that one would only pull on close friends, in the age of the current health crisis, it carries far more weight than it used to… but that didn’t stop the prankster from bragging about her exploits in a TikTok video.

Hall and Richards discovered the TikToker’s video detailing her practical jokes and reacted to it during an episode of the BFFs Podcast, and it’s safe to say that Bryce was floored by the entire ordeal.

@wynne.cbTrying this again… gotcha hat @joshrichards 👂🏽 @brycehall♬ original sound – wynne.cb

“Oh my — that was her?” an incredulous Hall asked.

“She was being like, super in our space the entire time,” Richards interjected.

“So many times at this party,” Hall continued. “I’m like, drunk, I’m drunk at this party, I’m with the two giant security guards and Josh. I kept feeling someone put their finger in my ear. I just kept going, ‘Yo, who the f**k is putting that s**t in my ear?’ It was that girl?”

(Topic begins at 13:53)

Their reaction to the prank didn’t escape the student’s notice, who uploaded a video of herself laughing at their podcast episode to TikTok shortly after it went live.

@wynne.cbheyyy bffs 👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽 @brycehall♬ original sound – wynne.cb

For now, it looks like neither Hall nor Richards have reacted to the woman’s TikToks about her prank — but it seems that Hall might not be very happy about this discovery, judging by his reaction to the news in the podcast.


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