Californian woman excited about moving to Liverpool for uni trolled by TikTokers

A student and aspiring musician from California decided to study at Liverpool University – only to be trolled on social media for her choice.

In a viral TikTok video uploaded on Sunday (September 26) Natalie @nataliedean_music asks viewers to “move with me from the US to Liverpool for uni!”

The excited student then shows her journey from The Golden State to Liverpool via a change of flights in Amsterdam.

She then lands in England and shows a view of the university campus at sunset.

The video was watched more than 1 million times but probably didn’t get the reaction she expected, with many people trolling the city in the comments.

Natalie shows herself moving to Liverpool uni

One said: “Don’t romanticise it, wait ’til you’re losing your lashes in the winter.”

A second user quipped: “Omg Cali and Liverpool are so similar you will feel right at home.”

“Venice Beach is basically the same as Formby Sands,” joked someone else.

Many people jumped to Liverpool’s defence, citing beautiful architecture and friendly people.

One said: “The Liverpool slander is definitely from people who have never been.

The student accommodation at dusk
The student accommodation at dusk

“I moved here and it’s my favourite UK city the people here are the salt of the earth.”

Another reassured her: “I’m from Manchester and I can honestly say Liverpool is lovely, the people are so friendly too.”

In a later post, the songwriter appeared to be having second thoughts about her decision to move to the UK and said she had come down with “freshers’ flu”

She told viewers: “Y’all were right I’m ready to come home.”

This comes after pictures from Freshers week showed the beginning of autumn term in full swing with boozy students hitting the town for a final blowout before their studies began.

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