Camilla Parker Bowles Furious Over Queen Elizabeth Making Sophie, Countess Of Wessex, A Princess?

Is Camilla Parker Bowles furious over the news that Queen Elizabeth II is promoting Sophie, Countess of Wessex, to princess? One tabloid claims the queen wants to honor Sophie with a title change. Let’s take a closer look at the queen’s historical decision.

Queen Elizabeth Crowns ‘Princess’ Sophie?

The most recent edition of New Idea reports Queen Elizabeth is doing what has never been done before in the modern British monarchy — promoting someone from “countess” to “princess.” After marrying Prince Edward, Sophie became the Countess of Wessex. But the queen is reportedly looking to honor Sophie by having her known officially as a “princess.” An insider dishes, “Phillip called Sophie ‘Princess’ in private, and he made it known to the Queen before his passing that he’d like her to be publicly known as a princess. It was sort of an unofficial dying wish.”

The insider goes on, “The Queen has come to consider Sophie a daughter in recent years. Sophie has been there for her for every waking minute since Philip died, and she’s become a real source of comfort and calm to Her Majesty. With Charles dragging his feet on whether he will give the Edinburgh dukedom to Edward now it’s reverted to the Crown, the Queen is prepared to use her own powers to allow Sophie to become a bona fide princess.”

Although Sophie is adored within the royal family, one royal isn’t happy about the news. Apparently, Camilla Parker Bowles is seething with jealousy. “Camilla has heard the Queen is considering it and she’s not thrilled,” the snitch reveals. “She has wanted to be called a princess ever since she wed Charles and was blocked from becoming Princess of Wales out of respect for Diana. It’s been a bone of contention for her for years. Camilla has nothing against Sophie, they don’t have much to do with one another. But for Sophie to score a princess title is too much for her to bear.”

Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Can’t Bear’ Sophie Becoming A Princess?

In reality, Camilla Parker Bowles has no issue with Sophie becoming a princess, and that’s because the queen is not going to make her one. No matter how many times we debunk this notion, the tabloids keep pretending the queen has a magic wand she can wave and give anyone whatever title she likes. That simply isn’t the case. Titles in the British monarchy are predetermined by birth. The queen has no say over who is or isn’t a princess. The official title of “princess” must be born into, and that’s a fact the queen isn’t able to change.

Furthermore, Charles isn’t “dragging his feet” about giving away his Duke of Edinburgh title. Until he becomes king, the title remains with him, whether he likes it or not. It’s only when he ascends to the throne that the dukedom will become vacant and he can give it away. Besides, if the queen had this magic power over titles, why wouldn’t she go ahead and make Edward the Duke of Edinburgh? According to the tabloid, she’s able to make someone a princess, so why is a duke any different? the truth is, unless a law is changed through an act of Parliament, it just isn’t possible for Sophie to officially become a princess — no matter how beloved she is by the queen.

The Tabloid On Camilla Parker Bowles

This isn’t the first time New Idea has painted Camilla Parker Bowles as power-hungry and disliked by other royals. Last year, the tabloid claimed Bowles and Kate Middleton were “fighting for the throne.” Once again, the magazine showed a clear disregard for how royal titles work. The publication reported Prince William kicked Bowles out of Windsor Palace. The magazine even claimed Bowles spitefully “ruined” Princess Eugenie’s “baby surprise.” Obviously, New Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to Bowles.


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