Cancer Survivor Stanley Tucci On His Struggles While Working On ‘Searching for Italy’

Stanley Tucci sent shockwaves through the internet when he revealed he secretly battled and defeated cancer. The actor revealed his diagnosis during an interview for Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight magazine, Vera.

In his revelation, Tucci shared a few tidbits about his cancer, the recovery process, and how it affected his children. Now he is opening up about how the challenges from his recovery also affected his work passion.

Many people were shocked to learn that Stanley Tucci was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. Most of the shock came from Tucci working on several projects while in recovery and excelled in them.

One of the projects that Tucci worked on during his cancer recovery is “Searching for Italy.” The CNN food and travel series features the star as he travels around Italy, trying out the country’s finest cuisine.

Although “Searching for Italy” was a hit with Tucci’s charming personality portrayed on screen, things were different behind the scenes. The actor reveals that at the time of filming the first season, he faced many challenges.

Tucci recently released a book titled “Taste: My Life Through Food,” in which he opens up about his recovery story in relation to food. The book also includes explorations of Tucci’s experiences with food, from great culinary experiences to on-set catering.

The New York Times recently interviewed Tucci regarding his new offering. During the interview, Tucci revealed he finds his explorations of different cuisines much more interesting to share than the ins and outs of his acting career.

The publication also featured an excerpt that appears near the end of the “Taste: My Life Through Food” book. In the excerpt, Tucci reveals he was struggling with challenges from his cancer recovery while filming “Searching for Italy”:

“It was hard because I could taste everything, but I couldn’t necessarily swallow.”

that his intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment left him without an appetite or the ability to taste and swallow food. Thankfully, his sense of taste and appetite was back in time for filming in 2019.

However, Tucci was met with one lingering effect from his recovery. The actor was still unable to swallow his food while filming his six-part series, meaning he often had to throw out some of the best dishes in Italy.

Although Tucci had to chew some bites for ten minutes while filming, he did not let that impact the show. Thankfully, Tucci’s resilience paid off when “Searching for Italy” was renewed for a second season after major viewership success.


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