Carrie Underwood Fighting With Her Husband Over His ‘Roving Eye’?

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have kept their marriage private from the public eye for over ten years, but are there martial struggles going on behind closed doors?

Carrie Underwood And Her Husband Face ‘Some Serious Lows?’

In April, OK! claimed Carrie Underwood barely saved her marriage after she and Fisher faced “some serious lows.” Apparently, the first few months of quarantine were rough on the couple. An insider alleged the duo’s marital struggles were credited to Fisher’s “roving eye,” especially when he was out on one of his many boys’ nights.

However, the magazine said Underwood wasn’t without blame. The same source leaked Underwood “would leave him to mind the kids when she had to go out of town and treated him like he was Mr. Underwood.” The tension grew so tight that even Underwood and Fisher’s closest friends were concerned a divorce would happen soon.

Find out what transpired between Underwood and Fisher by clicking here.

Carried Underwood Has Anxiety Over Mike Fisher’s ‘Roving Eye?’

Star also reported that Underwood was worried about her husband’s loyalty. In the magazine’s article, an insider alleged Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were on the verge of divorce when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The reason for the couple’s marital tensions? “Mike had a serious roving eye that made Carrie anxious,” the source spilled.

However, after the family was forced to lock down, it turned out to be good for Underwood and Fisher. The insider noted that lockdown allowed for more “one on one” time and reconnection. Apparently, during quarantine, Underwood and Fisher had made an effort to prioritize romance, which “made all the difference.”

Carrie Underwood Moves To Las Vegas To Save Marriage?

Despite Star‘s report about the couple rebounding in June, the National Enquirer told a different story. In July, the tabloid alleged the couple was on “thin ice,” which led to Underwood taking a residency at a Las Vegas hotel. Per an insider, “Settling down in Las Vegas seemed like the best compromise” for the family to be closer to each other. Apparently, the distance between Underwood and Fisher led to significant strain on their marriage.

However, the magazine claimed the move to Las Vegas may eventually lead to even more marital problems. “Mike is an adventurous guy and has a lot of his old hockey pals ready to join him for big nights out on The Strip,” the source said. In the past, the couple allegedly fought about Fisher’s wild nights out, and Las Vegas could tempt him to return to his old ways.

The full report can be read right here.


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