Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas Had ‘Rough Patch’ In Marriage During Quarantine?

Are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas on the same page? One report believes the two had a serious rough patch during COVID-19, but now things are “back on track.” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Romance is Well And Truly Alive’

Per New Idea, Douglas and Zeta-Jones’ relationship barely survived the pandemic. The two were all smiles at the 73rd Emmy Awards, a far cry from where they were just a few months ago. A source explains that Douglas and Zeta-Jones “were super loved up and happy to be in each other’s company, which is a huge relief… for a while there, word around town was that they were living separate lives.”

The two have had rough patches in the past, including a 2013 separation. “Catherine was a tad worried their marriage was becoming a little too dreary for her liking, “ a source says. The glitz of the safe ceremony was exactly what she needed. A source concludes, “She was overheard saying that it felt so good to be back.”

What’s Going On With Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones?

This story is a bit insidious. Just because Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were happy to be at the Emmys doesn’t mean they were desperate to escape their “dreary” marriage. The entire planet is anxious to go back to the way things were, so that’s hardly proof enough of a rough patch. 

Tellingly, Zeta-Jones and Douglas being happy at the Emmys is the only hard proof this tabloid can muster. We see the generic and age-old phrase “living separate lives,” a stock phrase that comes up constantly. New Idea has claimed everyone from George and Amal Clooney to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are living separately. It’s meaningless, just like this story.

They’re Doing Fine

Zeta-Jones and Douglas are doing great, and there’s no sign that they separated during the pandemic. All throughout COVID-19, Zeta-Jones regularly posted photos of herself and her hubby.

Just a few days after this story came out, she posted a video of herself and Douglas cutting a rug. They’re doing just fine.

Relevant Rumors

New Idea once reported that Douglas and Zeta-Jones’ marriage was effectively over and the two would get divorced. They did not, nor were they squabbling in Ibiza. All of these reports use the 2013 separation as evidence, but that fails to account for the fact that they chose to stay together. This tabloid simply has no idea what it’s talking about.


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