Cheeky bloke tries to charm woman with killer chat up line

A MAN got more than he bargained for when he sent a seemingly innocent message to a woman on Hinge, only for it to backfire completely.

Posting screenshots to Twitter, a man revealed that he had sent the same message to two different women on the dating app. The issue? The women are housemates.

“Probably the time I came up with a new opener….your boy’s been absolutely rumbled,” he said wrote alongside the screenshots.

In one of the photos, you can see that he’s messaged the woman a pickup line.

“This is hands down the nicest photo I’ve seen in my entire Hinge career x,” he wrote.

While the message might impress others, it didn’t impress this woman as she revealed she had heard it before.

“You said this to my friend as well, hahaha,” she responded.

In an attempt to get himself out of the sticky situation, the man tried to play it cool, only to put his foot in his mouth even further.

“How did you know I said that to her!? Did it go to your group chat??” he asked.

She responded: “No, we live together, ahahaha.”

The man didn’t reveal whether they had exchanged any other messages but conceded that he needed to develop some more chat-up lines to use.

The post has been a hit on Twitter, as, at the time of writing, it had 40k likes and thousands of retweets.

Some people commenting on the post said they have been in similar situations themselves and others tagged their friends.

“I mean to be fair; you can use the same line. If every girl gets nicer and nicer, you’re not technically lying. It’s food for thought; I’ll leave it with you!” one person wrote.

“Agh, men… Tbf he did say he has a career in Hinge; professionals know what works,” said another.

“This has absolutely killed me,” a third person commented.

A fourth added: “I’ve been in that exact situation.”

He had sent the same message to two women, not realising they live together


He had sent the same message to two women, not realizing they live together credit: Twitter

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