Cheeky bride mocked for asking strangers to pay for wedding in tacky gesture

Planning a wedding is undoubtably one of the most exciting times for any couple.

While it’s an important day for both the bride and groom, it certainly requires a lot of money.

With a venue, food and florist to think about, we can see why many people would struggle to afford the finances.

Generally the couple might receive money from their family, but it’s a totally different story for one bride.

The woman had an idea to help raise the money she needed to “plan her dream day” – by asking strangers for cash.

She wrote a message on her car asking strangers to contribute to her costs.

Since it was shared on Reddit, it’s safe to say it didn’t go down well with many people online.

The bride was asking for strangers to donate money for her big day

In a photo, the bride’s car displays the message: “I’m engaged! Help me plan my dream wedding!”

Followed by the cheeky request, the woman shared her Venmo details, a money transfer service.

It was shared on a “wedding shaming” page by a user who wrote: “Note use of the words ‘I’m’ and ‘my’, not ‘we/our’.”

Reddit users branded the request “tacky” and called the bride “entitled” for asking strangers to donate money.

One wrote: “Okay now this is a prime example of tacky window writing.

“They took the trend of ‘buy me a shot’ into ‘pay for my whole wedding’. What a weirdo.”

Another asked: “Do people actually donate when they see this? I find it tacky.”

A third slammed: “I know nobody is forcing anyone to pay, but this feels so entitled to even ask.”

Bride and groom
The woman came under fire for her method of gaining money

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In other news, a woman was left gobsmacked after a bride lied about a child-free wedding to exclude her kid.

The woman discovered there were loads of kids at the reception when she arrived at the celebrations.

Initially the mum was happy to leave her step-daughter at home when she thought her sister didn’t want kids at her big day.

But now the woman believes her child wasn’t invited because the 15-year-old has a burn scar on her neck and over her face.


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