Cheeky Depop seller tries to flog ‘fresh air’ saying they’re ‘open to offers’

A lot of people have tried to come up with money-making schemes during the pandemic to make a bit of extra cash.

However, one Depop user may have taken it a bit too far after they were seen trying to sell “fresh air” online.

The cheeky advert has gone viral, racking up hundreds of likes on Twitter after it was shared by popular account Depop Drama.

The ad read: “Selling a lunchbox of fresh air on my page, scooped it up in London Huge park in the morning so extra crips and fresh. Open to offers x.”

The seller had also included a snap of the “fresh air”, which was in the lunchbox.

The seller said they were “open to offers”

People were left in stitches over the post, as one joked: “Might start selling my morning breath, any takers?”

While many other shared the ad with laughing emojis.

We wonder if anyone will decided to make the purchase…

This isn’t the only Depop post that has attracted attention and laughs recently though.

Depop users were also left distracted and giggling over a dress seller’s cheeky duvet cover back in August.

One woman decided she would take the promo snap for her leopard print dress on her duvet.

However, the lady’s dress was seen laying on a white duvet which featured a naked couple on it.

Not only that, but it was zoomed in on their nether regions, which were on full display.

Ignoring the racy set-up, the seller wrote in the caption: “Dress I’ve never worn, I just don’t suit dresses.”

One person quipped: “What’s wrong with the dr- OH.”

While another added: “What the f**k is that bedsheet.”

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