Chris Still Pushing Amy To Hangout With Matt & Caryn? Celebrate Birthday Together!

After a lot of drama in the previous season, TLC fan-favorite couple Amy Roloff and Chris Marek finally tied the knots. The newlyweds are keeping their lives private for now. They are living together right now in their stunning house in Oregon. Well, there are reports that they still hang out with Amy’s ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. However, fans already know that the Little People Big World matriarch was uncomfortable around Matt. Now that they are hanging out again, fans have a lot of questions. Here are some more details.

Little People Big World: Is Chris Still Pushing Amy To Hangout With Her Ex?

While Matt and Amy’s relationship is a lot cooler than before, the latter still feels uncomfortable hanging out around her ex-husband. Well, the main reason behind this sourness is Amy’s claims that Matt was cheating on her with Caryn when they were still married. Hence, now that Matt and Caryn are officially dating, Amy’s grudge is only getting stronger. On the other hand, Chris has had a desire to be friends with the LPBW patriarch. Also, he believes that Amy and Matt should maintain a good relationship for the sake of their children and grandkids.

Yet, Amy finds it hard to let go of the urge, so she avoids having to meet her ex when it’s not necessary. She also doesn’t want her husband to become “best buddies” with Matt. Despite all this, Chris still pushes her to invite Matt and Caryn

to their house or visit theirs. Well, it seems like the routine is continuing after their wedding as well. This is because the Little People Big World patriarch recently revealed that he and his girlfriend were over at Amy and Chris’s house last week.

It was Amy Roloff’s birthday, so Matt and Caryn were at her and Chris’s house for a celebration. However, as of now, it’s hard to say if Amy was comfortable with this gathering or not. Since Amy didn’t invite her ex and his partner to her wedding ceremony, it’s highly unlikely that she’d want him to be at her birthday celebration either. But fans think that it might be Chris pushing his wife to hang out with his “buddy”. Well, we’ll have to wait to see what actually happened between the four of them.

Little People Big World: Amy & Chris Celebrate 5-Year Dating Anniversary!

Aside from Amy Roloff’s birthday, it seems like Chris, Matt, and Caryn also celebrated her anniversary. The TV star revealed on her Instagram that she and her husband completed five years of knowing and dating each other. She wished him on the occasion and expressed her love for him. The newlyweds also hit the 3-weeks mark of being married and are hoping to continue loving each other forever.

As of now, it’s unclear whether Amy and Chris got to go on their honeymoon or not. However, the picture Amy uploaded seems to be from a trip and might likely be from their honeymoon. Besides, the two of them are currently visiting Amy’s dad and her sister in Michigan. Fans are waiting to see her wedding on screens, but Little People Big World Season 23 might take a while to hit the screens. Are you excited about the new season? Let us know in the comments below.


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