Cleaning expert reveals exactly why you should NEVER use laundry detergent powder to make your carpets smell nice

A CLEANING expert has revealed why you shouldn’t always trust the TikTok cleaning hacks you come across.

Ann Russell from England, often posts videos given her followers advice on how to clean, how to save money and general life advice and her page has raked in over eight million likes.


Ann is often on hand to offer advice and help to TikTokersCredit: TikTok / @annrussell03
Although the hack will leave a nice smell, it could make your carpet dirtier


Although the hack will leave a nice smell, it could make your carpet dirtierCredit: TikTok / @annrussell03

People often ask Ann how to clean appliances properly on her TikTok account, annrussell03, to find the best way to clean clothing items and others ask for more general life advice, such as feeling confident or budgeting issues. And Ann is always there to lend a helping hand and give her advice.

As ever with ‘Cleaning TikTok’ people are sharing the hacks they have found to make cleaning their homes easier and for it to smell fresher for longer.

One hack that has been growing in popularity on the app, is using laundry detergent power to make your carpets smell fresher.

However, the hack may cause more harm than good as Ann explained in a video.

Ann said: “Oh sweetheart, I get why you are doing it, and it seems a brilliant idea but here is the thing, you are not going to get all of that powder out of your carpet.

“Which means that you’re going to get a build-up of soap powder, which, if you have got kids, or if anyone goes on it with bare skin, it will be irritating.

“It will make your carpet more dirty because it’s sticky, I know it smells great but please don’t use soap powder on your carpets like that.

“If you can afford it get a vacuum extraction machine and wash them, don’t use anything with it, as there will be plenty of soap in the carpet.

“If you need to do it, use something like Shake and Vac or bicarbonate of soda.”

People in the comments went on to ask Ann how they can clean their carpets to which Ann gave a few suggestions.

In a separate video, Ann said the best way to clean your carpet is to use a vacuum extraction machine and wash them or to hire someone with a machine to.

Laundry powder can be irritating to skin and for your pets, so it is best to avoid putting it on a carpet.

Users appreciated Ann’s recommendations and were glad she kept in mind that everyone has a different budget.

One user wrote: “You are so kind to think of everyone and their circumstances.”

Another user wrote: “Thank you! I nearly did this!”

Hoovering will not pick up all the power which can cause skin irritations


Hoovering will not pick up all the power which can cause skin irritationsCredit: TikTok / @annrussell03

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