Cleaning fanatics are swearing by TOOTHPASTE to get their stainless steel appliances sparkling

NO MATTER how often you clean your kitchen, you may still struggle to get rid of marks and scratches on your appliances.

It can be frustrating knowing you’ve cleaned from top to bottom and yet your kitchen appliances still don’t look quite as sparkly as you want.


Tanya used an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste on her rice cookerCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo/
Gently buff in the toothpaste and then wipe away with a clean cloth


Gently buff in the toothpaste and then wipe away with a clean clothCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo/

But fear no more, as one Instagram user has revealed how she uses regular TOOTHPASTE to polish her stainless steel appliances so that they look brand new.

Tanya from TanyaHomeInspo, shared her hack with her followers and the video has already received over 10k likes.

In the caption, Tanya writes: “I love this little hack. If you want to make your stainless steel shine like the top of the Christleton building use toothpaste.”

Tanya simply uses a toothbrush and squirts some toothpaste on to it.

Tanya then scrubs at her stainless steel appliances using nothing but toothpaste.

Once the toothpaste has been scrubbed in, Tanya removes any excess with a dry, clean cloth to also help polish it.

The results are incredible and instantly the scratches that were once on her rice cooker have disappeared.

For the best results, Tanya recommends that you use a whitening toothpaste.

Not only can you use toothpaste on your kitchen and bathroom appliances, but toothpaste can also be used to clean and polish silver jewellery.

To use toothpaste on silver jewellery, take a pea size amount and rub it into the jewellery using your finger or cotton bud, then leave it to rest for five minutes before washing off in warm water.

It will give your jewellery an instant shine and remove any tarnishing.

The reason toothpaste works so well at polishing metal is because of the mild abrasive ingredients, like baking soda, which can gently polish hard surfaces.

Users who viewed Tanya’s video called the hack a ‘game-changer’ and were keen to try it themselves.

One user wrote: “Didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip!”

Another person agreed with Tanya’s hack saying: “This is how I polish my silver! It works great”

A third person commented: “No I didn’t know but I do now!”

The results are stunning and all scratch marks have disappeared


The results are stunning and all scratch marks have disappearedCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo/

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