Cleaning fanatics share £1 hack to easily remove rusty patches from bath

Some people can find that a bit of rust can build up on their bath every now and again if they’re not careful.

And that was exactly the case for one woman, who asked for help on how to remove it.

The lady took to Facebook group Cleaning tips and tricks, ran by fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, to ask for advice on how to remove the rust.

And they gave some helpful cleaning hacks that she could try.

However, there was one suggestion that came out top amongst them all.

The cleaning fanatics suggested that the woman used The Pink Stuff cleaning paste on the rust – which can be purchased at for just £1.

Mrs Hinch fans gave her some handy hacks

The paste is a specially formulated, vegetable oil based cleaner which you can use both inside and outside the home.

Cleaning fans suggested the woman used the paste on a scourer sponge – saying the rust would come “straight off”.

One commented: “Pink stuff paste on a scourer sponge.”

As another added: “Pink stuff paste – will come straight off.”

A third chimed in: “Toothpaste or pink stuff.”

However, this wasn’t the only suggestion.

One recommended: “Put astonish mould and mildew spray on it leave for a good ten minutes then use a scrub daddy.”

The Pink Stuff cleaning paste
Many suggested The Pink Stuff cleaning paste

While another added: “Make paste with baking soda and little water, leave for couple of hours and rub off with microfibre cleaning cloth repeat if necessary.”

A third said: “Elbow grease spray and magic eraser.”

Meanwhile a fourth suggested toilet cleaner.

The woman eventually replied saying she’d used a combination of the suggestions, as she wrote: “I put toilet cleaner in then finished it off with pink staff paste. Almost gone. Thank you guys xxx.”

Meanwhile another cleaning fan shared her top tip recently when it came to using your dishwasher.

The mum claims vinegar should be used – saying it could save you money and leave plates sparkling clean.

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