Cleaning mad mum reveals the gross reason why you should change your microwave filter AT LEAST every six months

WHO KNEW that our microwaves have a filter?

Well…one cleaning-mad mum has revealed that we should be changing our microwave filter every six months.

TikTok / mamasknowbest

One TikTok user has advised that we change our microwave filter every six months

And we didn’t even know our microwaves had one…let alone that it needed to be changed…

The mum regularly shares secret cleaning tips to her TikTok account ‘mamaknowbest’.

She recently posted the reminder with the caption ‘I had forgotten all about it’.

She said: “This is your reminder to change your microwave charcoal filter.

“You’re supposed to change the filter every six months.

“So while I wait for my new one to come, I’m going to just clean this one.”

The video shows the woman removing the filter from the microwave, which is covered in dust, dirt and hairs.

Clearly the video has got numerous people talking as it has racked up over 1.3 million views and 2,029 comments.

The video has 54.5k likes and 13.3.k shares.

One person said: “I’m tired of TikTok finding me more things to clean.”

Another added: “I’m almost positive my apartment management has never changed these and I’m afraid to look.”

A third commented: “This is what needs to be taught in school. Everyday life.”


Many were also commenting that they didn’t even know their microwave had a filter.

One commented: “Raise your hand if you didn’t know your microwave had a filter.”

Another said: “Been using a microwave for over 30 years and never ever even knew there was a filter to clean.”

A third added: “Yet another thing I didn’t know existed.”

Someone asked: “Does every one have one?” to which the mum commented “Most microwaves do, you should check and see.”

Did you know this?!

Do you change yours?

TikTok / mamasknowbest

Do you change yours?

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