Cleaning your outdoor bins could be the key to keeping spiders out your house (even if they’re nowhere near it)

PEST EXPERTS have said that although people may think they have protected their homes from these eight-legged guests, they can still creep in if you don’t check your outdoor bins.

People usually try and keep these pesky bugs away by sealing visible openings but they don’t realise that the spiders use the bins as a secret passage way into your home.


Experts say spiders can travel to your home through your binCredit: Alamy

Speaking to Thomas Marbut, corporate trainer at Mosquito Squad tells BestLife the sort of insects that make their way into your outdoor bin are the perfect meal for spiders.

“Spiders will often gather around your trash cans, both inside and outside,” he says, adding: “But they aren’t necessarily attracted to your trash, they’re attracted to the pests that hover around the trash.”

Wyatt West, a board-certified entomologist and training education manager with Western Exterminator says that the outdoor bin is a spiders gateway to get into you home.

Wyatt says that the more gardening tools and clutter around the trash, the more comfortable the spider is in this environment.

“If there is a lot of clutter in the trash area, it provides spiders with ample spaces to hide” says Wyatt.

Thomas Marbut offers the solution by saying you should clean your outdoor bin at least once a month and buy bin liners that reduce spillages to keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

Thomas said: “If you notice a large population of flies growing around your trash, you should clean the bin and the area thoroughly so you can reduce the number of spiders that may follow,”.

Adding: “If your fly or spider population is getting out of control despite these cleaning efforts, consider calling professional pest control experts to discuss your options for treatment.”

If cleaning the bins doesn’t resolve this solution, another pest control expert and founder of ‘How I Get Rid Of’ , Jack Miller says to just move the bins further from your house, and away from lights.

“If you keep your trash can underneath lights or near windows, you are appealing to insects in multiple ways and are practically begging the spiders to check out the trash can as a potential harborage site,” he says.

Adding: “Also, if you have a trash can sitting directly on the soil, it is going to act as a source of moisture. That moisture will attract insects, millipedes, and roly-polies, all of which serves as an excellent source of spider food.”

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Spiders feed on other prey in the bin


Spiders feed on other prey in the binCredit: Alamy
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