Could Hannah Ferrier make a return to ‘Below Deck Australia’

As fans know, Hannah Ferrier was fired on Below Deck Mediterranean. It was the first time in the show’s history that a chief stew was fired. Captain Sandy Yawn decided to let Hannah go after she couldn’t trust her anymore. Bosun Malia White found an unregistered prescription for Valium and a CBD pen in Hannah’s belongings.

Both of them claimed that Maritime law was the reason behind the controversial decision. However, fans felt that it was more of a mental health issue. Hannah struggled with anxiety and she was open about it on the show. Her firing was the most divisive out of the franchise.

Could Hannah Ferrier make a return?

The longtime chief stew could make a return to the franchise after her firing in Season 5. Hannah Ferrier currently resides in Australia with her daughter, Ava Grace Roberts, and her fiance Josh. She moved back to her native country after leaving the yachting industry behind.

Still, she’s a part of yachting in some form. Hannah launched her online course, Ocean International Training Academy. Earlier this year, the Bravo franchise announced that they’re expanding the hit series to Australia. This has some fans wondering if Hannah Ferrier could return on Below Deck Down Under.

[Credit: Hannah Ferrier/Instagram]Since she’s a new mom, it may be hard for her to leave her little one. On the other hand, the show is close to home, which allows her to film for weeks at a time. Another plus is that Hannah could work with a different captain. Fans are aware of Hannah’s difficult work relationship with Captain Sandy.

The two could never get along. Ever since Hannah joined Below Deck Med Season 2, they could never see eye-to-eye due to their different work styles. Hannah had a feeling that Sandy wanted to fire her from the beginning. She said that the longtime sea captain had a competitive spirit with the crew members.

Below Deck Med alum spotted filming on a yacht

To add fire to the rumors, Hannah Ferrier was spotted filming on a yacht in Sydney. She was spotted wearing her old stewardess uniform. Daily Mail published the photos of the former Bravo star on Friday, September 24. The 34-year-old wore a black hoodie, gray T-shirt, and leggings.

Hannah Ferrier wasn’t there for a vacation. She carried her chief stewardess uniform. The British outlet revealed that the Aussie got dressed into the uniform and filmed with a small crew. Apparently, Hannah was only filming a promotional ad for the spinoff series. It’s still possible for her to return to the series since she can get a fresh start and go back to the job she once loved.

[Credit: Bravo/Instagram]The television personality is working with Foxtel to promote the new series through ads and television campaigns. In an interview with Peninsula Living last month, Hannah said that she was treated unfairly. She called them out for making her look “like a drug addict” for having prescription anti-anxiety medication. Regardless, Hannah is still part of the franchise in some form, even if it didn’t end well.

Do you think Hannah should return? Would you like to see her on Below Deck Australia? Sound off below in the comments.


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