Council urges Squid Game ban for kids

A council in England has urged parents to ban their kids from watching ‘Squid Game’.

Squid Game

The South Korean survival show first aired last month and has since become Netflix’s biggest series launch ever by topping the streaming service’s TV charts in almost 100 countries.

However, it has been reported that children have been copying some of the game’s violent challenges and Bedfordshire Council has now intervened.

In an email, parents have been asked to “be vigilant after hearing reports that children and young people are copying games and violence from hit new Netflix series Squid Game, which is rated 15”.

The message added: “There have been some concerning reports recently about children and young people ‘playing’ ‘Squid Game’ whilst at school.

“We strongly advise that children should not watch ‘Squid Game’. The show is quite graphic with a lot of violent content.”


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