Couple Tries To Take Man’s Chain While He Is Handcuffed

A viral TikTok shows a couple seemingly attempting to take a man’s chain off his neck mid-way through his detainment.

Shared on actor and comedian Michael Rapaport’s account, the video quickly racked up views and likes from astonished viewers. Rapaport’s TikToks, original or reshares, commonly get view counts in the millions, but within a single day, this video had more than 7.7 million views, along with hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Rapaport also shared the video to his Instagram, where it collected an additional 855,000 views and thousands of comments.

The video is quite brief. It is shot on what appears to be a busy street in the late evening, as people in casual attire wander the sidewalks. The camera is fixed on a man who appears to be in the midst of getting detained, as his wrists are restrained in handcuffs and a large man in black stands over him. The man in black initially appears to be a police officer, but his attire doesn’t quite fit the bill for a typical American officer. The shirt he is wearing is absent of any of the typical accoutrement of police, and fits a bit too snug to his body to look like a police uniform. He also appears to have nothing more than a wallet in his back pocket, another detail that makes it more likely the man is a bouncer or private security officer than an actual member of police.

Despite this fact, he is clearly in control of the situation. He has situated himself over the cuffed man and appears to be working with another person to finish restraining him. As they do so, a couple approaches from the side.

The woman, dressed in a petite white dress, crouches next to the pinned man and attempts to slide his chain off of his neck. She quickly stops when the man stirs and attempts to look at her, however, and moves several steps away. Her partner, dressed in a T-shirt, tan pants, and bold red shoes, then steps up and grabs the chain in one hand before bodily attempting to yank it off of the man’s head.

Unfortunately, given the chain’s location around the other man’s neck, all this accomplishes is to haul the man’s head against the leg of the man standing over him. This alerts nearby people and prompts a wave of reactions and a demand to “leave his shit alone” from the person filming the encounter. From the ground, the cuffed man yells “don’t touch me” at the duo, adding that he will “fucking hurt you.”

The pair are shooed away from the area as the clip concludes.

Viewers were flabbergasted to see the pair seemingly attempt to take advantage of a person in a vulnerable position. They shredded the couple in the comments, calling the attempt “broke behavior.”

“That’s about as low as it gets,” one commenter noted. Others, labeling the couple as “sad” and “vultures,” wondered, “How do they have the audacity?” A few people also noted that the person who appears to be cuffing the downed man does not look to be in uniform.

It is unclear where or when the video was filmed, but no one who appears on camera is wearing a mask.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rapaport via Instagram.

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*First Published: Sep 16, 2021, 8:34 am CDT

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