COVID-19 Has Ravaged Lives – A Nurse Becomes Godmother for a Premature Baby Whose Mother Passed Away

A tiny soul entered the world in a tragic yet beautiful turn of events while another passed away. The little one, however, was vulnerable, and the path before her was unclear. 

On August 25, 2021, baby Carmen was born via C-section, coming into the world at 2lb 9oz. Coming home two months early and having never met her mother, Emily Robison, she and her grieving father, 23-year-old Eric Robison, were at a loss.

Without the help of his wife, his daughter being born prematurely, and no baby registry, this new dad had no idea what his next steps were going to be. Luckily, an angel was waiting in the wings.

22-year-old Emily recently passed away at Mercy Hospital after a long and hard battle with COVID-19. Seven months pregnant, unconscious, and on a ventilator, doctors had to perform a cesarean. The 22-year-old succumbed to the virus on September 20, 2021, with her partner revealing:

“She was on life support until she passed away and didn’t know she gave birth.”

The new parent reminisced on how much his late wife longed to have a baby. Beyond the memories, Eric now had a newborn to look after. However, because Carmen had been born so early, he had none of the supplies necessary to look after her adequately.


One of the nurses who cared for Emily right before her passing, Ashlee Andrews Schwartz, became aware of Eric’s situation and was determined to help. The caregiver expressed:

“I have told [Eric], ‘I am here for life. I will always make sure that you and Carmen always have what you need.'”

Schwartz set up a GoFundMe page. The ICU nurse pleaded for donations so that the grieving husband would have the finances to look after his little one.

The GoFundMe page’s goal was set at $1,000 but has received a whopping $11,087 in donations so far. Speaking about nurses such as Schwartz, Eric said that he never knew how strong and compassionate they were, stating:

“I’ve literally watched nurses work until they’re collapsed in chairs because they’re trying to help so many people out.”

He has also expressed deep appreciation to all those who contributed to the GoFundMe account. Eric can not wait to let Carmen know, when she is older, about this miraculous story that surrounded her birth.

While it is profoundly touching that many individuals rallied around Eric to help him financially, his deeply shattered heart also needs assistance. One woman who lost her son 14 years ago shared some words of hope with those who may be struggling.

Clare Mackintosh assured those dealing with the loss of a loved one that it may take a long while but promised them that they would eventually learn to feel better, even if it seems impossible at the moment.

The bestselling author said they wouldn’t instantly think of their lost one in the morning or cry themselves to sleep every night. Hopefully, Eric heeds this guidance, working through his sorrow healthily and ultimately becoming the fantastic father he was meant to be.


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