Dad’s Wholesome Reaction To Son’s First Steps Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Seeing a child take their first steps will undeniably be a big moment for any parent, but one dad has shared his sheer joy at the sight with the world after it was caught on camera. 

In the long run, I’m sure things actually become a lot more stressful for parents when babies start to become more mobile, having figured out their little legs can hold them and allow them to scamper much more quickly away from the watchful eye of the grown-ups.

Before that realisation sets in, however, it’s all about pride as children begin to find their feet and manage a few tentative steps before falling back to the floor, often with a wealth of applause from those who were lucky enough to witness it.

Dad Chris (@ninjaman87/TikTok)@ninjaman87/TikTok

Florida dad and real estate agent Chris experienced this exact sense of pride when his son took his first steps at the start of this month, though with the baby having been just out of his vision, he came close to nearly missing it altogether.

In a video shared on TikTok, the father explained that his living room camera had managed to capture the moment his son pushed himself off the side of the sofa and began toddling across the room. Having been sat with his knee in the air, Chris at first didn’t see his son as he began to walk, but it wasn’t long before he came into his vision.

As well as capturing the youngster’s first steps, the camera showed Chris’ adorable reaction upon spotting his son, when he could be seen taking a big breath in before starting to jump around in his seat with excitement.

When the young boy dropped back to the floor, Chris broke out into applause and could be seen grinning down at his son.

As another person entered the room, the proud father set his son back on his feet and began jumping around with his arms in the air as the baby managed another few steps across the living room.

After initially being shared on TikTok, Chris’ video and wholesome reaction has been spread across the internet, with people describing the scene as ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’.


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