‘Dark cube’ UFOs spotted hovering over the US are ‘warning to the military’

“Dark cubes” have been spotted floating above two locations in the US, as a UFO analyst bizarrely claims they are powering up and “warning the military”.

The most recent sighting was reported in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 4, as a small object floats in the sky on a clear day – in an area that is famous for the Area 51 facility.

An eyewitness said: “Not sure what it was, but I know it ain’t a plane or helicopter. It didn’t look like any drone I have seen.”

Analysing the sighting on UFO sightings daily, Scott C. Waring made a series of outlandish claims.

He said: “The guy caught a dark UFO moving across Nevada yesterday. The object was seen crossing over Las Vegas., which is famous for its top-secret USAF base, Nellis Air Force Base.

The cube spotted in a lightning storm in New Jersey was believed to be powering up

“This base is notorious for giving the “Tall White,” aliens some land behind the old firing range back in the mountain range. This doesn’t look like Tall White technology.

“Their ships usually glow white, but what they look like in the day, nobody knows. This dark cube UFO is something, isn’t it? Just so ominous sitting up there looking down on everyone and everything.

“Also Area 51 is not far away, so aliens have a high interest in what these secret bases are up to. This is 100% proof that aliens are watching us. If that’s not a warning to the US military then I don’t know what is.”

'Dark cube' UFOs spotted over Las Vegas, Nervada
Scott C. Waring made a series of outlandish claims about the sightings

Another was previously spotted on September 28, 2021, over Vineland, New Jersey during a lightning storm.

The eyewitness claimed the cube appeared in the clouds during a “silent lightning storm” and they immediately began to film.

Waring claims this could be the UFO powering up using the electrical energy of the storm – which makes the most recent appearance seem way more sinister.

He said: “It’s a well-known fact among UFO researchers that UFOs cause natural disasters. UFOs also cause lightning, to what end is unknown, but when they are in the area, the UFOs speed increases and the movement often becomes erratic and unpredictable.

“So from that, I would assume that the UFOs are creating the lightning in order to harvest some of its energy or special particles of energy that we have not yet discovered, but may be used to power up the alien craft.”

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