Did Jadis appear in Episode 1?

Pollyanna McIntosh stars as Jadis, as seen in the Season 2 trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Pic credit: AMC

Ever since AMC dropped the trailer confirming that Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) would appear in Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, fans have been wondering when exactly the character would turn up.

Jadis, who also goes by the name, Anne, is a member of the Civic Republic Military group, also known as CRM. She first appeared in The Walking Dead but left once rescuing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from certain death.

Since then, viewers have been left in the dark regarding this character as well as Rick’s fate.

Did Jadis appear in Episode 1?

It appeared that Jadis was not in Episode 1 of World Beyond. However, some fans were suspicious of the opening scene.

The Season 2 premiere took a brief trip back to six weeks prior to the events that unfolded in the Season 1 finale. This placed the date as the day after Monument Day.

Here, it was shown just how the CRM group destroyed the Omaha colony before moving onto the Campus colony.

Using columns, which is their fancy name for a massive herd of the undead that has been guided to a location in order to cause maximum destruction, the city was quickly overrun.

Prior to this, one CRM person in full gear was sent in to lay bombs that would blow a few holes in the surrounding walls of the community prior to the walkers turning up.

It was at this point that some fans suspected that Jadis was helping with the task.

The person in full CRM garb was seen from behind as they were air-lifted to safety. This showed the back of their head and a closely cropped hairstyle — just like the one shown in the latest Season 2 trailer for World Beyond.

However, later in that scene, a man was shown standing next to Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) as they discussed the tactics involved with destroying the two communities. Most likely, this was also the man who laid the detonators as he also had closely-shaven hair.

Jason Gupton stars as a CRM soldier in Episode 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2
Jason Gupton stars as a CRM soldier in Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2. Pic credit: AMC/Steve Swisher

When will Jadis appear in The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

The trailer for Season 2 has, so far, been the only hint of when Jadis will appear as she turned toward the camera.

As pointed out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jadis is wearing a slightly different variant of the usual CRM outfit but that doesn’t give any indication of when she will appear.

However, as previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the trailer for Episode 2 of World Beyond has confirmed that Jadis will appear in the very next episode.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is currently airing every Sunday night on AMC.


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