Did Linda Tripp Get in Trouble? The Real Life of the ‘Impeachment’ Character

Linda Tripp’s impetus was clear — she wanted to make a name for herself with a tell-all book based on her experiences in the White House and Pentagon.

As she got closer to Lewinsky and learned about the affair, Tripp decided on writing the book. She even hired a ghostwriter, but the book was never written due to all the legal mess.

Additionally, Linda Tripp was fired. But, it wasn’t for her role in the impeachment as the infamous whistleblower. On the final day of the Clinton presidency, when administrations switched over, several employees were asked to resign. Tripp refused to do so.

Hence, she was fired in 2001 — although she claims it was because she was the whistleblower. If that was the real reason, she likely would have been fired much sooner.

Tripp passed away from a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 70 in April 2020. Even Lewinsky wished her well during her illness, so everyone involved in the Clinton impeachment has come a long way. After working in the government, Tripp moved to Virginia and ran a holiday store called “Christmas Sleigh,” but she never published the book that started it all.

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