Did xQc and Adept Really Break up? — Details on the Streamers

Whenever you attain any type of popularity, notoriety, or fame, throngs of people will become very, very interested in your love life. For whatever reason, people seem more concerned with the romances of individuals they see on their screens than with their own personal relationships.

These days, there seems to be a large number of folks who want to know: Did xQc and Adept really break up?

xQc has publicly spoken about his breakup with Adept.

Popular streamer xQc has been going through a lot lately. He needs to find a place to live after his house was broken into, which has understandably become a huge point of stress for the gamer — stress that may have spilled over into his relationship with Adept (Sam, IRL). xQc (real name: Felix Lengyel) revealed that the two had gotten into a fight, which ultimately resulted in Sam peacing out.

“I don’t want to talk about it that much. Me and Sammy got into a little bit of a fight. It is what it is,” xQc said during a live stream. The gamer didn’t offer up any additional information or context as to what the fight entailed, but that didn’t stop fans from wondering just what the heck was going on between the couple.

But they didn’t have to wait long to receive an answer from the gamer.

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Source: Twitter

xQc hopped on Twitter and candidly spoke about his breakup with Adept, stating, “I always tell you guys how I feel and what’s happening, it’s important to get stuff off my chest so I can focus. Me and Sammy are apart. Please make an effort not to speculate and prod for answers. Most importantly, do not harass @adeptthebest, she will always have my respect.”

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If you’ve ever witnessed how quickly folks can get petty or downright vindictive on the internet, then you can appreciate xQc urging his followers not to bother Adept in the aftermath of them calling it quits.

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Are Adept and xQc now back together after their apparent breakup?

Some fans noticed that the two streamers were hanging out after one spotted Adept on one of xQc’s livestreams. Although neither of the online personalities have confirmed or denied their relationship status, it does seem like the two are spending time with one another again.

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It’s understandable, since relationships tend to die hard. It’s possible the two were just going through a lot, in light of xQc having had his home broken into, not to mention dealing with the fact that his and Adept’s relationship is essentially a public one, subject to constant scrutiny and questioning.

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So maybe it’s better that they just keep the ins and outs of their romance off-camera, instead of letting their followers in on all of the tidbits of their private lives.

What do you think? Were you upset to hear that xQc and Adept were having relationship problems? Or did you just want to see the two of them play some Overwatch?


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