Does Rachel Maddow have skin cancer?

RACHEL Maddow is a liberal political commentator who heads the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

On October 7, 2021, Maddow made an announcement about the status of her health.


Rachel MaddowCredit: MSNBC

Does Rachel Maddow have skin cancer?

Maddow announced that she had undergone surgery for skin cancer after getting an abnormal mole removed from her neck.

She said that she would be “absolutely fine,” and that doctors had “gotten all of it.”

“If you have moles like I do, get on a schedule with your doctor,” she said on her self-titled show, adding that people should “not blow it off.”

“Even the skin cancers that are the deadliest skin cancers in this country — those too — are way more treatable than they used to be,” Maddow said. “On one condition: That you get them early.”

Rachel Maddow revealed she had skin cancer in October 2021


Rachel Maddow revealed she had skin cancer in October 2021Credit: Getty

Is Rachel Maddow leaving MSNBC?

On August 12, sources told The Daily Beast that Maddow would allegedly be leaving MSNBC soon.

According to the site, six sources close to the situation confirmed that Maddow is seriously considering leaving the network.

Maddow’s contract ends in 2022, and reportedly the star plans to transfer her brand elsewhere or begin her own media company.

Insiders revealed to The Daily Beast that Maddow has previously entertained other offers, but more so in summer 2021.

The site speculated her future plans, writing, “Instead [of moving to a competitive network], she has been intrigued by opportunities in the streaming and podcasting space, which would allow her more freedom, time for her personal life and for other projects.”

Maddow reportedly left her longtime agents Napoli Management Group to join powerful talent agency Endeavor and its CEO Ari Emanuel and ​​president Mark Shapiro, who is apparently helping her negotiate her contract with MSNBC.

“Nothing has been decided. We are deep into it with NBCUniversal and Rachel has an excellent relationship with them,” Shapiro told The Daily Beast.

“We don’t comment on employee matters,” MSNBC spokesperson Lorie Acio wrote by email.

Who is Rachel Maddow dating?

Susan Mikula is a is an American artist and photographer.

She uses older technology to produce her photographs, including pinhole and polaroid cameras.

Mikula developed her self-taught photography skills at a young age before she earned her degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts..

It is believed Mikula contracted coronavirus at the beginning of November 2020, because Rachel took time off work around that time after being in a “close contact” tested positive for Covid-19.

However, it wasn’t confirmed until November 19, 2020, when Rachel returned to her show on MSNBC.

On The Rachel Maddow Show she shared her experience with the virus in the hopes of preventing someone else from having to go through what she did.

Rachel explained how important Susan is to her, describing her partner as “the center of my universe”.

Rachel stated: “My relationship with Susan is the only thing at the end of the day that I would kill or die for without hesitation.”

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