Does Syngin Colchester have a new girlfriend?

Syngin’s recent behavior points to the fact that he might have a new woman in his life. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Syngin Colchester has been galavanting around Instagram with a woman who is not his wife Tania Maduro, and fans suspect that Syngin might either be single or be in a new relationship.

Syngin has been in Tuscon, Arizona with this woman Erin, whose Instagram handle is @anerinwithane, doing things like the hot chip challenge on Erin’s TikTok while sitting very close to one another.

Syngin has liked half-naked pictures that focus on this new woman’s butt, all while still married to Tania.

Tania has been in Providence, Rhode Island visiting her sister during Syngin’s escapades with this new woman.

Is Syngin Colchester in a relationship with a new woman?

There are a few hints that Syngin might have moved on from Tania, the first being the cozy TikTok he posted with Erin.

The video was a promotion for their hot chip eating challenge but there were some glimmers of flirtation throughout the video.

The other hint that Syngin might not be with Tania anymore lays in the comments of a recent Instagram post. His post was a picture of himself meditating at the Grand Canyon.

Larissa commented on the photo with the cross-legged man emoji, and then Tania actually commented with the same emoji but added two more. Syngin did not like either one’s comment.

What Syngin did respond to was a comment from a fan saying, “Well hopefully you’re back on tv and single.”

Syngin answered, “we will have to wait and see hahah.”

IG comments about Syngin Colchester
Tania commented on Syngin’s post and so Syngin replied to a fan about being single. Pic credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Neither Tania Maduro or Syngin Colchester have formally addressed a breakup

Although Syngin’s comment back to his fan asking if he was single is cryptic, he has not come out and said that he is no longer with Tania.

Tania has not addressed any of the distance between them either and appears to be brushing off the fact that Syngin has been spending time with another woman.

Tania famously said that she doesn’t believe Syngin is her soulmate, which she got a lot of negative reactions for when she said it. It’s possible that Syngin might have finally realized that they are not meant for each other either.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is currently on hiatus.


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