Dog interrupts baseball game, steals away bat; watch hilarious video

The internet is full of amazing videos that always keep the viewers amazed. When it comes to animal videos, netizens find the internet as the best place to spend time.

If you are an active social media user, you must have seen many ‘pitch invaders’ videos. Especially there are videos of many dogs who steal the limelight by running into the field. Now, such an adorable animal video is making rounds on social media and netizens are delighted after watching it.

A video of a golden retriever named Rookie interrupting a baseball game and stealing the bat from the player is going viral and netizens are in splits after watching it.

Rookie can be seen running through the field in the video as the match goes on and stands for a few moments near the pitcher and then clears off the field.

The dog can be seen running away from the field with a baseball bat in its mouth in another video. Rookie steals away the bat and brings it out off the field. Take a look.

The adorable incident happened during a match played between Buffalo Bisons and Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

The video was shared on Minor League Baseball’s Twitter page and has gathered 1.1 million views, and another video has garnered around 33k views in just one day of being online.

Netizens were entertained after watching the video and loaded the comment section with hilarious comments and memes.


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