Dogs are capable of recalling names for months

Clever dogs are capable of recalling names for months.

Border collie

The skill has emerged among six border collies who entered a ‘Genius Dog Challenge’ and found that the canine geniuses can remember the names of toys for two months.

The pooches were shown strangely-named toys, including a rabbit called Thumper and a fish called Silver, and were taught the names over a week.

It was revealed that the dogs were able to fetch the toy from another room after simply being told to get it by name.

Shany Dror, the lead researcher of the study from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary, said: “We know that dogs can easily learn words that are linked to actions, such as ‘sit’ or ‘down’. But very few can learn names of objects.”

The findings follow the remarkable case of a border collie called Chaser from the US, who learned the names of more than 1,000 toys prior to his death in 2019.


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