Dogs Panic Upon Seeing Their Owner Fell Into A Lake

A dog is not just a man’s best friend. It is also a man’s hero at times. This was proven when two brave dogs panicked and immediately jumped into a lake to save their owner.

John Dunaway is blessed to have two selfless and adorable dogs. It was an ordinary trip to the lake when he tried to use his new rope swing. As he swung and jumped into the lake, his dogs thought that he was drowning. It was evident that one of his dogs was very tense and was running to and fro. It obviously, didn’t know what to do. Until it decided to jump into the water and quickly swam where John was. His other dog did the same. It also rescued him.

John said that Buster, one of his dogs, cried the whole day. Maybe, out of fear of losing its owner. He said that these dogs were just protective of him. Guess dogs loved him that much because of the love he’s also showering them.

This is a touching story of being loved unconditionally by an animal. We should also love and take care of them because they are entrusted to us by God.


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