Double Shot at Love season 3 episode 5 as Angelina arrives (Spoilers!)

Double Shot at Love season 3 episode 5 is going to carry with it an unsurprising dose of big-time drama. What else would you expect? This is the sort of show that feeds on it, and you’ve also got Angelina entering the fray for a brief period of time!

Let’s face it — any show that is a part of the greater Jersey Shore world wants as many cameos as possible. Even though Angelina is by far the most polarizing of any of the current cast, she’s always going to stir thing up and that is PRECISELY what Double Shot at Love wants.

So why is she turning up on this show now? Even though she’s often been a rival to Vinny over the years, this time around she’s poised to lend a helping hand. Or, we should say that she’s here in order to bring some other women into the competition. For a few more details all about that, remember to check out the full Double Shot at Love season 3 episode 5 synopsis below:

Shared kisses cause jealousy amongst the women. But all bets are off when Angelina arrives and introduces Vinny to two new ladies. Tempers flare when Angelina brings out another side to some of the ladies.

Within this episode, we do imagine that the field of contestants will be whittled down a little bit — even with some of these arrivals in mind. We do feel like we’ve seen enough reality dating shows over the years to know this: If you arrive late into the picture, there’s a pretty good chance that some of the other contestants are going to hate you. They’ll feel like you are infringing on their time, especially since they thought they were taking big steps forward

What do you want to see when it comes to Double Shot at Love season 3 episode 5?

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