Dr Pimple Popper finds cyst that looks like ‘Grumpy Cat’ when it’s burst

Dr Pimple Popper and her fans reckon they have spotted a “grumpy cat” in a cyst she was squeezing.

In the clip, the TV medic, real name Sandra Lee MD, is treating a painful-looking bump right in the middle of her patient’s eyebrows.

After sanitising the area and applying a local anesthetic, she makes a verticle incision and starts to squeeze on both sides.

The cyst starts to give way and, as it erupts through the hole, what looks like an angry-looking cat face appears, much to everyone’s surprise.

Once the strange gunk is removed, Dr Lee neatly stitches up the hole so it looks like nothing was ever there.

Dr Pimple Popper was able to remove this cyst

She uploaded the video on her @drpimplepopperTikTok page on October 2 with the caption: “We say it looks like a cat face, what say you?”

Since then, it has been watched 2.8 million times and received 170,000 “likes” and thousands of comments – with many people also able to see a cat’s face.

One user commented: “Why did it look like one of those mad cats though?”

Many viewers are convinced they see a 'grumpy cat' in the cyst
Many viewers are convinced they see a ‘grumpy cat’ in the cyst

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“Dude that came out looking mad like you interrupted something,” joked a second viewer.

A third person agreed: “Initially looked like a grumpy white cat.”

“I saw an angry face come outta that lmao kinda looks like an angry cat,” commented someone else.

Grumpy cat became a world-famous internet meme
Grumpy cat became a world-famous internet meme

Another person quipped: “Grumpy little face on that grumpy little guy.”

The original Grumpy Cat had feline dwarfism and her much-loved frown was caused by an underbite.

She became an internet sensation and was rumored to have given her owner a net worth of $100 million (£73 million).

Tragically, Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce as she was known at home, died from complications of a urinary tract infection when she was just seven years old in 2019.


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