Drew Barrymore Getting Cameron Diaz Out Of Retirement For ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot?

Is Drew Barrymore getting the band back together? One report says she’s convincing Cameron Diaz to come out of retirement to join herself and Lucy Liu in a reboot of Charlie’s Angels. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Reboot News!’

According to OK!, Barrymore is hard at work trying to get Diaz out of retirement. The Something About Mary star hasn’t made a feature film since 2014’s Annie, but Barrymore wants her for a new Charlie’s Angels. A source explains, “Cameron and Drew have discussed it” because the two hit movies were “so much fun.”

Barrymore thinks it’s time for Diaz’s retirement to end. A source says, “She wants them to co-produce something that they can star in together.” Barrymore’s calendar is very full, but she would be willing to make time for Diaz. A source concludes, “If Drew manages to shift things in her already packed calendar and it doesn’t conflict with anything that’s going on in Cam’s life, they’ll do it.”

Will Cameron Diaz Come Out Of Retirement?

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t expect a Charlie’s Angels reboot anytime soon. The biggest one is the lackluster performance of the most recent reboot in 2019. The Kristen Stewart-led reboot was a box office bomb and had its advertising budget slashed as a result. The IP is pretty much dead in the water.

Tellingly, Diaz was not a part of the reboot in any capacity. Barrymore was an executive producer, but Diaz and Liu sat it out. If the reboot wasn’t enough to sway Barrymore out of retirement, then why would she be swayed now? The answer is simple: Diaz is retired and has no plans to return to acting.

Finally — and the report does bring this up — Barrymore is very busy. The Drew Barrymore Show is going to be on the air for years to come, and a daytime talk show is more than enough to fill a schedule. You usually don’t see talk show hosts producing and starring in major motion pictures since they’re simply too busy (with the exception of James Corden and musicals).

Other Tall Tales

This tabloid routinely misses the mark with stories about Drew Barrymore. It reported that she had sworn off men until Tom Cruise convinced her otherwise, but that didn’t happen. Last year, it claimed Barrymore was dating Justin Long. Just a few months later, and she was apparently hung up on her ex-husband. This total lack of consistency proves how little OK! really knows.

Barrymore and Diaz are still very close friends, and who knows what the future holds. For the foreseeable future, however, Charlie’s Angels is over and Diaz is retired.


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