‘Dune’ director Denis Villeneuve bashes Marvel films

He doesn’t think the films are so marvelous.

“Dune” director Denis Villeneuve is the latest high-profile filmmaker to express disdain for Marvel movies, claiming that they’re “nothing more than a cut and paste.” The 53-year-old auteur dropped the bombshell while discussing the relevance of big-budget filmmaking with Spanish publication El Mundo (as transcribed by The Direct).

“The problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a ‘cut and paste’ of others,” the 53-year-old “Sicario” director told the outlet. “Perhaps these types of movies have turned us into zombies a bit.”

Nonetheless, Villeneuve clarified that he doesn’t think films can’t be “artistically relevant” simply because they’re well-funded. “Just think of the golden age of Hollywood to see that commercial films can make a different artistic proposal and, therefore, political,” explained the Oscar nominee, who has franchise hopes for his upcoming “Dune” adaptation starring Timothée Chalamet. “I have never felt like a loss or an impediment to have a generous budget to do what I wanted to do.”

He added, “I am currently thinking of people like Christopher Nolan or Alfonso Cuarón.”

“Dune” director Denis Villeneuve has joined the list of people trashing Marvel movies, saying that they are “nothing more than a cut and paste.”
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The French-Canadian filmmaker is far from the first director to take an ax to the MCU. “Goodfellas” director Martin Scorsese seemingly started the trend during a 2019 Empire interview, in which he labeled Marvel flicks “theme parks” rather than “cinema” — sparking a fierce backlash from comic book fans.

Since then, other filmmakers have jumped on the Marvel-bashing bandwagon, including Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola.


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