E10 fuel warning as Car SOS host says rubber fuel hoses could impact old vehicles

Back in September, the new E10 fuel was launched then rolled out across England, Wales and Scotland.

Many motorists raged over car problems as UK drivers reacted to the new petrol.

Now it seems the fuel could pose more trouble for car owners, especially those who have a classic vehicle.

According to Car SOS host Fuzz Townshend, rubber fuel hoses in vintage cars could be impacted by the fuel changes.

He urged drivers to “look at the side of their fuel hoses” to see what type of rubber is installed in their classic car.

The guru also warned some modern petrol can corrode the rubber on certain fuel hoses which could lead to breakdowns.

Many motorists have reported problems with the new fuel

Fuzz said: “I think the places I have seen on a regular basis that have been affected by modern-day petrol tend to be rubber hoses.

“What I suggest is, I put new rubber hoses into my Jensen 541R less than four years ago.

“Recently, I noticed a crack in the exterior of one, it’s an E6 hose.

“So I thought I’d better replace that and then when I took it off it was all starting to fur up on the inside as well.

“That’s largely been using E5 fuel. I know E9 grade fuel hoses is what we are up to now for ethanol protection.”

As he suggested drivers to look at the side of their fuel hoses, Fuzz added: “There should be a bit of writing on there.

“If there’s not, replace them anyway but if there is a bit if writing on there it should say E6 or E9 or something like that.

“If you’ve got E9 you should be ok. But it’s worth checking after maybe two or three years to see if you have any breakdown.”

Experts at Manor Park Classics who spoke to Fuzz said prevention was always better than making any possible damage.

They said drivers should always check their fuel hoses and “replace” any damages regularly to avoid issues.

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