Ex-Greggs worker spills behind-the-counter secrets – from rude nicknames to food wars

A former Greggs employee has opened up about his time working at the British bakery – and why he’d never eat there again.

Shaun Staff stopped working for the beloved chain in 2008 and says that while he often craves a Steak Bake, he knows too much to ever be a customer.

Shaun said that, first of all, if you often re-visit the same Greggs branch then it’s likely you have a nickname – and they’re usually less than pleasant.

The former Greggs worker said: “You’ve probably got a nickname based on your order, if you’re lucky, or your appearance, if you’re not.

“Two sausage rolls and a Dr Pepper, is it? How very predictable, Dr Pork.

“Sometimes harmless fun but often cruel and unforgiving, the servers have noticed your imperfections and they’re quietly talking about them from the moment you enter.”

Shaun revealed the antics staff members got up to at work

Yikes, that’s intimidating!

The former bakery worker also said that the Greggs staff don’t want to serve you.

Shaun told the Mirror : “Greggs staff arrive a couple of hours before opening, allowing 30 minutes to prep the food and 90 to argue about who has to serve it.

“Working the till is the least favourite job, for good reason. People are horrible and hungry people are worse.

“If you’ve ever walked into an empty Greggs, you are probably not alone.”

And, he also added that the coffee machine is rarely actually broken.

Shaun claims that he won't eat at a Greggs again
Shaun claims that he won’t eat at a Greggs again

Shaun said that unless you order a hot drink when the staff is making one for themselves then you shouldn’t bother to ask.

He said: “If your order is much more than a sausage roll you are officially annoying. Exceptions are made for friends, family, and the homeless in winter.”

And, the bloke added that lots of antics go on when making the food.

Shaun commented that staff are not allowed to give away free food to friends and family. So they sometimes sneak sausage rolls into coffee cups and yumyums into bread to get away with giving gifts.

Shaun added: “The competition was fierce and ultimately cancelled when a hollowed out loaf loaded with cakes was intercepted by management.”

Finally, the former Greggs worker claimed that there’s a likelihood that your meal had been involved in “violence”.

Your food might have been used for 'violence' laughed Shaun
Your food might have been used for ‘violence’ laughed Shaun

Apparently, making 200 sarnies can be boring and so the workers will occasionally have fun with the food.

Shaun said: “If you’ve ever been slapped in the face by a wet tomato, you’ll know how much it hurts. If you’ve ever slapped someone with a wet tomato, you’ll know how satisfying it is.

“There is a likelihood any food you order has previously been used for violence – but at least the perpetrator was wearing gloves and a hairnet.”

The Daily Star contacted Greggs for comment.

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