Expensive London lunch gets roasted online after unimpressed diner shares photo

An unimpressed diner shared a picture of their ‘smashed avocado on toast’ that was quite expensive, and it was soon blasted online and some said it looked more like mushy peas

A diner was shocked by their London lunch and shared a picture of it online

An unimpressed diner shared a picture of their expensive London lunch and it was soon blasted online.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous poster shared a picture of their lunch, with the caption “I paid £8.50 for ‘smashed avocado on toast’ in central London”.

After the image was shared, users flocked to the post to criticise the meal, with many people saying that the price was very expensive for what the diner got.

Others said they could barely recognise the food, as in the image the avocado is quite literally smashed all over the toast, which appears to be un-buttered, and the whole thing looks like a bit of a mess.

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One user wrote: “Legit thought this was chip shop mushy peas on toast and now I’m getting all sorts of meal ideas.”

And another said: “Can I ask why you paid £8.50 for avocado on toast, please?”

“Just what went through your hungry head that thought £8.50 for a delivered cold avocado on toast was a good idea” asked a third user.

Another user quipped: “Avocado? For £8.50? Avocadon’t in future.”

Others had questions about the meal, questioning how it was made. One Reddit fan asked: “Did someone jump on it as well?”

And another wrote: “To me this meal is as symbolic of contempt as it gets. ‘We got him to pay £8.50 for veg on toast, we’ve made it as badly as possible and now all laugh while he eats it’.”

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Meanwhile, a woman has shared a photo of her £30 meal at London’s tallest skyscraper – and it is so bad that people can’t tell what it is supposed to be.

The image was posted on Twitter earlier this week, leaving social media users in hysterics.

The customer said she visited a restaurant at The Shard, but did not reveal its name.

She published a photo showing a small portion of food, with some chips on the side.

In the caption, she wrote: “Guys look at my £30 meal I got at the shard.”

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