‘Fat-shaming trolls tell me to buy Spanx but I love my curves – size 26 is sexy’

A TikTok star is tired of being fat-shamed by vile trolls who tell her she needs to cover up.

Caitlan Redding is confident about her size 26 figure and describes herself as a “plus size Barbie”.

But due to her body positive attitude, she accused of “promoting obesity” by cruel commenters.

The 22-year-old, from Southend, Essex, told Fabulous: “People always write mean things.

“‘You’re so fat and it’s your fault,’ is something I hear a lot.

“Other people, often women, have said, ‘You’re going to have a heart attack’. Another thing I get is, ‘When you walk there are earthquakes.”

Caitlan describes herself as “plus size Barbie”

Caitlan has cruelly been compared to Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who swells up after chewing gum.

She’s also been told to stop wearing sexy clothing and invest in Spanx instead.

Trolls even go after her fiancé Sam Woolf, 23.

They tell Caitlan her partner of seven years is bound to cheat on her just because he’s slimmer than her.

While this used to get the influencer down, she’s grown a thicker skin.

Caitlan Redding
Trolls have accused Caitlan of “promoting obesity” just because she’s confident in her own skin

Caitlan won’t let people “police her size” – especially when they’re total strangers.

In a recent video, she responded to someone who insulted her appearance.

She replied: “Why is showing a video of me in a trouser and top outfit promoting obesity?

“Seems like you’re just jumping on the hate – get a better life please.”

While she loves being curvy, the influencer recently went on a health kick.

Caitlan Redding
Caitlan won’t let trolls get in the way of her happy relationship

In the coming months, Caitlan is going to keep focusing on herself and her relationship instead of taking hate to heart.

She added: “I actually think I look great and I am sexy. I’m going to continue wearing short skirts and bikinis.

“Plus Sam says I am sexy at any weight. When he got with me I was a lot slimmer, but he has always reassured me that he loves any size.

“Plus our sex life is great – there’s no problems there!”


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