Five-Year-Old Boy Trapped 100ft Down Well In Morocco For Four Days Has Died

Rescue workers in Morocco have pulled out a five-year-old boy four days after he fell 32m (105ft) down a well.

The Moroccan royal palace has since said the five-year-old has died.

Moroccan King Mohammed VI confirmed the tragic news and sent his condolences to the boy’s family.

According to reports, the boy, named only as Rayan, was been carried out of the tunnel by emergency workers, after special tunnels had to dug to get safe access to the well.

Rescue teams were seen entering the tunnel with stretcher, and stayed there for an hour before bringing the boy out. Rayan’s parents were reportedly escorted to an ambulance before he was brought out.

Five-year-old Rayan was found to be in the well after he was heard crying by his family members, who were searching for him after he fell into the well on Tuesday, February 1. His mother was quick to call the authorities after realising what had happened, and as they worked to reach Rayan, rescuers lowered a camera into the well to check his condition. Rayan reportedly fell 32 metres down the well while his father was working to fix it earlier this week in the Chefchaouen province.

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Afraid of causing landslides, those at the scene were forced to dig a trench alongside the well, which is 100 metres deep, before digging an access tunnel towards the shaft where Rayan was located.

As the excavation process continued, the boy’s parents were joined by hundreds of villagers who had gathered to offer support.

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