Food scientist shares easy hack to keep plastic containers stain-free

There is nothing more irritating than buying some food storage containers that claim to be stain-free but within one use, they’re coated in orange stains.

Once filled with leftover lasagne or anything containing tomato sauce you know you’re never going to be able to see through that clear plastic again.

Even the most high-quality plastics will be left with an annoying reddish-orange stain all over.

Food scientist and CEO of Nali Consulting Natalie Alibrandi says highly acidic foods, such as tomato sauce, will always stain plastic, especially when hot or heated up in the container.

Alibrandi advises avoiding heating plastic food containers in the microwave entirely.

She says it is best to move it over to a glass dish and heat in that.

The best way to avoid stains is to use glass food containers

However, for the lazy among us who want to cook and clean as easily as possible, that is not convenient.

So, trusty Reddit users came up with another way to avoid stains – and Alibrandi agrees it’s a good idea.

Reddit users said they spray their plastic food storage containers with a layer of nonstick cooking spray before putting any food in them.

As an added perk it also means food will slide right out – while also not staining.

Alibrandi said: “The oil helps create a barrier between the container and the food—therefore, your leftovers will slide out pretty stain-free.”

However, she still advises the best way to avoid the problem is to use glass containers instead.

“In fact, the best way to prevent all stains while storing and reheating tomato-based products is to use glass containers instead,” said said.


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