Foodie says her gravy cooking hack makes it ‘good enough to drink’

Everyone loves a good roast dinner, and we all know that gravy is one of the most important parts.

In fact, just last week, a poll saw Brits officially crown gravy as the most essential item of a roast dinner.

So getting it right is extremely important to many.

And luckily, food expert Rebecca Wilson has shared a handy hack to make it delicious.

In fact, she says it will make your gravy so good that you’ll want to “drink it with a spoon”.

The foodie and author, who boasts 480,000 followers on her Instagram account, told Daily Star that her biggest tip for gravy is to use roasted juices to make it.

She says it’ll make it “good enough to drink”

She said: “That’s where all the flavour comes from – the roasted juices.”

Rebecca added: “When you’re roasting the meat, put in lots of water, salt, a stock cube and mix water in the meat tray.

“When the roast is cooking, all the juices will fall into it and then you’ve got a really good amount of liquid base to start of your gravy which is already full of flavour.

“Then you just added a bit extra to make it even better.”

Rebecca Wilson's book Family Comforts
Rebecca has recently released new book Family Comforts

Rebecca said that the essential part of making gravy is to “pull out as much flavour” as possible.

The foodie admits her daughter, Nina, loves her gravy so much that she actually does drink it with a spoon.

The tip comes after Rebecca also gave a big recommendation for when cooking roast potatoes.

Although many do, she says you shouldn’t parboil the roasties before putting them in the oven.

Instead, Rebecca claims you should boil them until they are “pretty much cooked” before putting them onto roast.

Rebecca’s full recipe for her gravy and roasties is in her new book Family Comforts – which is already been on Amazon’s best seller list.

The book features quick-cook snacks and midweek meal ideas that can be prepared in minutes.

It also has yummy bakes and family treats that are low in both salt and sugar but “full in flavour”, according to Rebecca.

She says: “The recipes are all suitable for tots who are from months old, but you don’t have to have children to enjoy the recipes – they’re perfect for anyone!”

The foodie is also the author of Sunday Times Bestseller What Mummy Makes.


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