Fuming woman gets stuck in her new Zara jumpsuit after the zip broke… so goes to extreme lengths to get it sorted

GETTING stuck in an outfit with a faulty zip is scary, but imagine you seriously can’t get out of it…

The panic and fear sets in and what do you do?!


A woman recently had to drive to Zara to get herself unzipped from a faulty jumpsuitCredit: @isabelrobins/Tiktok

Well, that happened to one woman recently and after tirelessly trying to get the faulty outfit off, she decided to head to where she bought it, to get them to unzip her out of it.

Isabel Robins shared the video of her mum to her TikTok account ‘isabelrobins’.

Isabel’s mum got stuck in a Zara jumpsuit that had a faulty zip, so she headed to her local Zara to get them to help her out of it.

Isabel said: “Mum got trapped in her new outfit by a faulty zip and drove to Zara for them to let her out.

“Her face when it was finally unzipped.”

The video shows Isabel’s mum driving to Zara wearing the faulty jumpsuit, and is then seen walking round the shopping centre with the back gaping open due to the broken zip.

Following this, we see Isabel’s mum in the store, with a Zara employee attempting to unzip the faulty zip.

But best of all?

The look on Isabel’s mums’ face when the zip is fixed and she is released from the jumpsuit…

The relief on her face is priceless.

The video has racked up 4,535 likes, 32 comments and 24 shares, with many finding it hilarious.

One person said: “What an absolutely iconic lady.”

Another added: “I’m deaddddddd.”

A third commented: “Zara zips are terrible!”

She was relieved when the Zara worker got her out of the faulty jumpsuit


She was relieved when the Zara worker got her out of the faulty jumpsuitCredit: @isabelrobins/Tiktok


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