Fury as sold-out Woolworths Bricks end up on eBay, Facebook

Customers have taken aim at the supermarket after its new collectibles collection was met with “overwhelming demand”.

Move over Ooshies – there’s a new supermarket collectable in town that’s sparked “overwhelming demand” from customers.

Late last month Woolworths launched its Woolworths Bricks range, a Lego-like toy pack made from sustainable materials which can be assembled into a Woolies supermarket.

The range has proved so popular that several shoppers have complained their stores have run out, while some people are even reselling the Bricks trucks online at exorbitant prices.

Due to lockdown the Woolworths Bricks promotion in NSW and ACT started two weeks later than the rest of the country.

However, news.com.au understands that stock for both regions was set aside for when it launched last week.

There are 40 different Bricks available made up of solar panels, free fruit for kids baskets, checkout registers, car charging stations, trolleys as well as separately purchased baseboards and front doors for an extra $6-$10.

Several shoppers have taken to the supermarket’s Facebook page to complain of a “disappointing” lack of Woolworths Bricks stock at their stores.

“Will there be more of bricks trucks available in Victorian stores?” one person wrote.

“Can you just get more of these out please, every time we try to collect these promo items and always left unfinished!”

“Are you going to be getting in more Lego trucks and delivery vans? Went there the first day it was available and they were all sold out … then never to be seen again!” another person commented.

“I have been trying to find these everywhere. looking at pick up in various stores, and also just getting delivery, and also physically going into stores. and there is absolutely no stock anywhere,” another shopper complained.

“Bricks has only been out for two days in NSW … I thought there would be plenty of stock? It‘s annoying!”

One shopper suggested that Woolies employ a “made to order period” for customers who had so far missed out on the sought-after figurines and Woolies trucks.

Several people posted screenshots from Facebook Marketplace showing the trucks selling for as much as $120.

A search on eBay Australia for Woolworths Bricks currently returns more than 1700 results.

“When are you going to bring more trucks out in order to stop these disgusting people from doing this?” one exasperated shopper asked.

“Some of us just want one at a reasonable price for our kid. Checked last night on eBay but I can‘t afford $70 for a truck no matter how much my child wants it,” another person wrote.

But there were some customers who had managed to get their hands on the Woolworths Bricks and other items, showing off photos of their “super cute” set-up.

“The Woolies Bricks are fun for the whole family – even our cats love playing with them,” one person wrote, sharing a photo of their cat with the Bricks set.

In response to the complaints, Woolworths said on Facebook there had been “overwhelming demand” for the collectibles.

A spokesman also told news.com.au they were pleased to see how customers had responded to their Woolworths Bricks collection.

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen families embracing the program, whether it’s collecting Woolworths Bricks with their shop to help build their own version of a sustainable Woolworths supermarket or purchasing the programs accompanying merchandise,” they said.

While stock of the Woolworths Bricks and starter kids “remain strong in all states and territories and will continue to flow to stores” there had been huge demand for the trucks, the spokesman also said.

“Despite ordering more associated merchandise to accompany this collectibles program compared to previous years, we’ve found that demand for some items, including the replica electric powered Woolworths delivery truck has far exceeded our expectations,” they said.
“We apologise for any disappointment caused if customers find that the Woolworths Bricks delivery trucks have already sold out in their store or online, and thank customers for their patience if some stores are waiting to receive additional stock of Woolworths Bricks packs.”

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