Gambling Laws at UK Slot Casinos


Gambling has been a more or less permanent fixture in human civilization for at least the last three thousand years, with archaeologists recently discovering evidence of very rudimentary playing card tablets that dated back to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Crazy, isn’t it? But the more surprising fact is that the gambling industry has only really been legal for the last few hundred years, and even then there were usually more places where it was still illegal than not.

Part of the reason is the fact that casinos have the financial power to often become richer than the state itself, something that was quite prevalent in the 1800s, where the game of roulette made casino owning families such as the Blanc family incredibly rich. The response from state authorities was to make casino gambling illegal, something that continued for quite a while. Gambling laws at casinos in the UK are strictly regulated, however they are also a lot more lenient than in other countries. Read on for a bit about gambling laws at UK slots casinos.

The Gambling Act 2005 

Before The Gambling Act 2005 the online slot industry in particular was having a fairly tough time in attracting customers, something that was largely down to the fact that advertising online slots was banned by an archaic piece of gambling legislation. This all changed when the UK government passed The Gambling Act in 2005, something that resulted in much heavier regulation of the gambling industry, but also allowed advertising for games such as online slots. 

This genuinely proved to be the catalyst for an online UK slot boom, and it is a prime reason why the UK’s online slot industry has always been so successful. The Gambling Act 2005 was so successful that the EU quickly adopted its principles too, allowing for a flowering of the gambling industry in several different European countries. 

2019 and the fixed betting terminal £2 limit 

The UK slot gambling industry was very quick to use the positive side of The Gambling Act 2005 to their advantage, rapidly establishing themselves as a key player in the UK’s overall gambling market. The government, however, decided to set a new fixed betting terminal £2 bet limit in 2019, in response to a growing number of calls from government officials to reduce it down from the original £100. 

Whilst some gamblers might be a bit annoyed by this, in reality the government definitely made the right cool, as it has already helped many people avoid the financial pitfall that comes with a gambling addiction. 

What does the future hold for gambling laws at UK slot casinos 

Whilst nobody really knows what is going to happen in the future, many slot gambling analysts are predicting that the government will roll out their fixed bet terminals £2 limit in the online slots world too. 

Nobody knows exactly when this is going to happen, however some people are anticipating it to be within the next year or two.


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