Gary LeVox Shares About His Feelings On Rascal Flatts That He Was Never Ok With Breakup.

Gary LeVox still isn’t over how things ended with his band Rascal Flatts.

The legendary country music trio consisted of LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus. In 2020, the band appeared on “CBS This Morning” to announce their 20th-anniversary farewell tour. However, due to the pandemic, that tour never actually saw the light of day.

“I’ve never been OK with the way that it ended,” LeVox, 51, told People. “I was never OK with … I wasn’t happy that Joe Don quit.

“It kind of came out of nowhere,” LeVox added, referring to Rooney’s exit. “It was like, ‘Let me try to wrap my head around this.’ And then I certainly wasn’t OK with the pandemic, which canceled everything. I hate the way that it ended. I hate that we didn’t get to do this farewell tour. I can’t stand the fact that it just feels there’s no closure with something that we’ve been so blessed with. That will always be in my heart.”

Members of the group diverged on their own paths. DeMarcus, 50, continued to head his music label, Red Street Records, and released the song “Music Man.” Rooney, 46, and LeVox pursued solo careers and went back to the studio.

Band members Joe Don Rooney, Jay DeMarcus and Gary LeVox attend the 2018 CMT Awards.

“I just took it and ran,” LeVox said of his solo projects. “I’m loving being a solo artist. I know that’s what He’s called me to do. I’m just going to stay on my path. I know what I’m supposed to do, and I love it. There’s no better feeling than to make people feel something by something that you did.”

He then spoke about Rooney, who was arrested for a DUI last month. “I have not talked to him,” LeVox confessed. “And I was heartbroken too. But you know what? I think God gets your attention in different ways. I just wish him the best and I hope he gets everything that he needs to get well and take care of whatever issues he’s got going on. There’s power in prayer.

“There’s so many times in life that you sit there, and you go, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m all alone, Lord, I just can’t,’” he concluded about his faith. “How many times could I pray for and ask you to pull me out of this and nothing is happening? And it’s then that He makes himself known, and everything makes sense.”


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