Girl Gets Excited After Seeing Her Dad As The Pilot Onboard

A little girl was all happy and excited to see her pilot father on the flight she boarded. The video was uploaded on the girl’s Instagram page ‘shanaya_motihar’. The page is handled by her mother. The video has beautifully captured the exuberance of the girl. It has gone all kinds of viral. There’s a possibility you will play it on loop.

“My first flight with papa.. He flew me to Delhi. I was very excited to see him… it was my best flight till now. Love you Papa @puneet.motihar,” reads the caption of the post.

The video opens to show the girl named Shanaya Motihar excitedly walking and running at the airport.

After spotting her father on the plane, her happiness goes a notch further. Her father, who is seen standing near the doorway of the flight, smiles and waves at her. The girl returns his wave. Throughout the clip, the little girl’s ingenuous smile never leaves her.

The video has accumulated over 19,000 likes. It has also received several comments from netizens. “This is so adorable ,” wrote one Instagram user with heart emoticons.

“I can see the proud papa bears big grin from ear to ear. Probably his best flight too,” commented another. “Proud daughter,” posted a third.


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