Giulia Lamarca after Horrific Motorbike Crash Has Travelled around the World on Her Husband’s Back

Giulia Lamarca never thought she would find love again, let alone travel around the world after her motorbike crash left her handicapped. Now, she has been to 23 countries and 80 cities.

Giulia Lamarca was on a motorbike with her then-boyfriend when they met a minor accident with a significant impact. When the vehicle slipped, Lamarca felt an immense pain like no other. Then, her memories began to fade.

When she woke up in the hospital, she knew something was different. Still, for the sake of her family, she tried to lighten the situation and joke around.

After months, Lamarca received her official diagnosis — incomplete paraplegia, spinal cord injury. This meant needing a wheelchair to get around and not being able to walk again.

Although sometimes tricky, Lamarca always pushed herself to the limits and tried to live normally. Her perseverance overshadowed any negative thoughts, and after some time, she achieved independence again.

The 27-year-old learned to drive and built a home accustomed to her needs. However, there was one aspect of her life she longed for — traveling.

For months, Lamarca went through rehabilitation with a young physiotherapist, Andrea Decarlini, who was on his internship. With the time they spent together, the two eventually ended up talking about many things.

Then one day, Decarlini invited her to visit Australia after his school and when she was discharged from the hospital. Although hesitant, Lamarca accepted the invitation. She shared:

“Honestly, I was afraid to tie myself to someone again, and I was afraid that nobody could love me like this… halved.”

For months, Lamarca and Decarlini remained good friends until the day that she believed he would always stay by her side. The day came when their Australian vacation pulled through, and from then on, things went uphill.

High school graduate Hayden Hamilton, like Lamarca, suffered paralysis for three years.

Eventually, Lamarca and Decarlini tied the knot five years after the accident. Lamarca has since traveled the world on her husband’s back as he carried her in places she could not access with a wheelchair.

“Together, we have visited more than 23 countries and 80 cities,” Lamarca said, including Japan, China, Machu Picchu, Canada, India, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, and Sigiriya.

The couple placed a large map in their living room, marking all the places they visited and the next on their list. Lamarca said:

“I want to say that there are certain things that happen in your life that are not beautiful […] What will help is to rise up and live again […].”

Like Lamarca, many others have lost mobility and still never gave up. Among them is high school graduate Hayden Hamilton, who suffered paralysis for three years.


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