GMB’s Susanna Reid teases co-host Richard Madeley on I’m A Celebrity rumours

Richard Madeley teased Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid about his rumoured I’m A Celebrity stint as she suggested she may also be entering the jungle.

Richard who is taking over GMB co-hosting duties for a month, was asked by Susanna: “Are you doing anything in a month’s time, Richard? That means you can’t stay with us for more than a month?”

Addressing rumours he replied: “She means I’m A Celebrity.”

Susanna responded: “Because there are rumours that you are going into the jungle – the Welsh jungle.”

Richard then replied: “I’m asked this every year and I usually give an equivocal reply. And I’ve checked with ITV what they want me to say about it because I may be going in and I may not be going in.”

Susanna then suggested she may also be a likely candidate saying: “I may be going on or we may not be going in.”

And when told by Richard “But they haven’t named you in the papers”, she added: “Well it’s about time they did!”

Adding fuel to the fire later in the show, Richard revealed he had a ‘routine medical’ later today.’

And he told Andi Peters: “Listen mate, I’d kill for a coffee right now. I’ve got to go for a routine medical about midday today where you’ve got to fast for 12 hours, so I’m not even allowed tea and I’m doing this show without caffeine!”

When Susanna asked “Why are you going for a routine medical?” Richard replied: “Oh, because I’m very old, Susanna. For insurance!”

As Susannah tried to join the dots, suspecting it might have something to do with the rumoured I’m A Celebrity appearance, Richard said: “You going to make everything into everything.”


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