Grocery prices jump 1.7% in just four weeks as cost of living rises

If you’ve been on a food shop recently you might have noticed that certain essentials seem a bit more expensive than usual.

Maybe you usually only pay £50 a shop and find you’re spending £55 or else your online regular items seem pricey.

Well, you’re not wrong if you’ve felt like costs are going up as grocery prices have increased by 1.7% in just four weeks, reports the Mirror.

New research from Kantar found food costs increased in the four weeks leading up to October 3 as a cost of living crisis makes low income families worried.

The average household had to spend an extra £5.95 last month compared to last year.

And, food isn’t the only aspect of our daily lives that now costs more money. Energy bills have soared alongside inflation rates.

Brits could find their weekly shop costs more than it did in September

In the UK, inflation – the cost of living and what measures price changes – rose by 3.2% in August.

And, warnings have stated that it could climb to 4% by Christmas which is worrying when many Brits saw their wages frozen in lockdown or didn’t get an annual raise.

On top of the rise in cuts the government has ended the furlough scheme and scrapped the £20 boost Universal Credit claimants got to help with the pandemic.

Fraser McKevitt, Kantar’s head of retail and consumer insight, said: “In real world terms, the average household had to spend an extra £5.94 on groceries last month than they did at the same time last year.”

Have you found your shopping more expensive?
Have you found your shopping more expensive?

He added: “The typical household spends £4,726 per year in the supermarkets, so any future price rises will quickly add up.”

Data, also from Kantar, found that households are also making fewer in-person trips to the supermarket – 15.5 in the past four weeks which is the lowest since February.

And, shoppers bought more per shop with a 6% climb in trips where people spent over £100.

And, Kantar noticed an increase in people doing their food shops online up 12.4% versus a 12.2% rise in September.

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