Halloween Decorations Are Trolling Anti-Vaxxers


Anti-vaxxers have been trolled by people’s Halloween decorations and front porch displays. 

2021 has certainly been a pretty horrifying year, leaving little imagination needed in terms of costumes to wear for Halloween.

Whether it’s dressing up as a participant from the gory survival series Squid Game or apparently taking inspiration from the pandemic to dress up your house in time for the spooky celebrations, some homeowners have decided to use the occasion to make a dig at all those who are unvaccinated.

In a series of creative but controversial displays, people have used skeletons and posters to share their pretty savage views.

Anti-vaxxer Halloween Decorations(Alamy) Alamy

Fake skeletons, gravestones and signs have all been used to point the finger at anti-vaxxers and mock their decision to not get jabbed, New York Post reports.

Linda McAfee even took to TikTok to share her display – a skeleton sat cross-legged on the lawn, holding a sign which says, ‘I refuse to live afraid’, next to another with the sign, ‘I don’t know what’s in it’, and a third titled, ‘Personal Freedum’.

Continuing down the line are signs reading ‘Government Conspiracy’, and ‘I did my own research’, with an upbeat song in the background poking even more dark irony.

Despite the post amassing over 2.9 million views and 413,900 likes, not everyone agreed with the dig at those refraining from being jabbed, with McAfee taking to the comments to explain how she was ‘getting tired of blocking people’, telling anti-vaxxers to, ‘Go back to Facebook and fight there’.

A post by Meanwhile in Canada shows displays in front lawns, with signs reading, ‘I did my OWN research’ painted on a gravestone, to ‘Believed it was only THE FLU 1978-2020’.

Not everyone who took to the comments saw the supposed funny side or viewed the decorations as ‘terrific’. One said: ‘Anti-vaxxers drive me nuts but this is not appropriate. There’s grieving families out there.’

If I had a lawn, I would 100% steal this. In fact, I’m stealing this anyway. Yoink!

Meanwhile, a third commented: ‘Very strange tbh. Seek help.’

If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the Gov.uk help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online.


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